with Bonaparte

Your safety as well as our teammates’s health is our priority. According to the French Government Health Ministry, we have implemented reinforced sanitary protocol as follow. From now on we are ready to welcome you with the purpose purpose of minimizing the hygiene and sanitary risks.

  • E-mailled pre-check-in
  • In order to apply social distancing, we will ask you check-in / check-out timetable.
  • Hotel Bonaparte will remain exclusively accessible to our guest and our collaborators.
  • Hydroalcoolic gel dispenser directly accessible from the lobby.
  • Accessible cleaning wipes in the breakfast room & lobby.
  • Furnishing of the shared spaces run order to respect the social distancing.
  • All our teammates are provided with masks and anti-bacterial hand cleaner.
  • Each of us have been trained to apply gestures and postures to prevent contamination.
  • We are performing a deep cleaning of the shared premises.
  • Unconditional replacement of all amenities & household linen after each check-out.
  • Using of anti-bacterial & anti-viruses detergent according to the EN 14476 + A2 norm.
  • Spraying of anti-bacterial & anti-viruses detergent after every room cleaning.
  • In order to prevent our maids to be unnecessarily exposed to COVID 19 risk, for any long stay in the hotel, room cleaning won’t be automatically done every day. It will be done on demand.
  • Our luggage locker room will remain closed during all the protocol.
  • Welcoming water bottle will exclusively be on demand.
  • Our breakfast offer will unfortunately be restricted to hot drinks, fruit juice & individual cakes at your disposal during all the protocol.

According to the French 2020 860 decree, we are reminding you that masks must be worn in every closed areas, boutiques & shared premises. Mutual respect for these instructions is important to us. Mask must be worn in every Hotel Bonaparte’s shared premises.